5 questions with our communications manager Brigita Kavaliauskaitė


For the next few weeks, we’ll be profiling the people that power UVIRESO. This week we sat down with Brigita Kavaliauskaite, our Communications Lead. In case you missed it, read our first blog post on idea to UVIRESO in 48 hours. 

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What led you to UVIRESO?


Last year I graduated from the International Business and Communication program at ISM University of Management and Economics. I’ve since gained professional experience in digital marketing, project management and recently have been working as a communications executive at strategic market research provider Euromonitor International for the Eastern European market.  When Adomas called asking me to join UVIRESO following the team’s recent success at Lithuania’s Hack The Crisis hack-a-thon, I jumped at it. I saw this as an opportunity to leverage my experience in communication and public relations and the project aligned with my values and strong desire to help in the fight against COVID-19.  


What have you learned so far working on the project?


Everyday brings new learnings for me. The need to work as a team, collaborate and keep communication channels as open as possible has been essential. In addition, I have definitely learned a lot more about the coronavirus and how many different institutions are willing to help people and launch startups tackling this pandemic.



What are some of the challenges you face daily?


The first challenge I had to overcome was understanding the scientific elements to UVIRESO idea and staying on top of the daily announcements and news releases in the COVID-19 space. Secondly, aligning external communications with the viewpoints and perspectives of our internal team members has been challenging to facilitate without the opportunity to meet as a group in person. Alignment, planning, publishing and editing all has to be done virtually which is an adjustment.

What is your favourite memory so far?


I love our daily, early morning stand-ups. And I really appreciate all the small wins from the moment our website went live to engaging with the general public through social media posts. This team is genuinely committed and I love how everyone is willing to provide insights and feedback, always striving to do their best.

Wild card question: Do you have a book or poem to share that is keeping you motivated and positive in these times?


At the beginning of the quarantine I had the chance to read Anna Brones “Live Lagon” about the Swedish way of finding balance in moderation.There's a quote I keep going back to in the book and I’d like to share it below: “We are social creatures, but technology has helped to exacerbate all of that socially induced stress. Taking breaks from social media, or even removing ourselves for large chunks of time, can help us to focus inward on what matters instead of focusing outwards and constantly comparing ourselves to others.That’s not always an easy task; jumping off the social hamster wheel takes commitment and work. But if we are able to identify what our true goals are - ones that we define, not the ones that society defines - then we are better equipped to lead a life that is successful on our own terms. Remember: You. Are. Enough.”