5 questions with our COO Adomas Klimantas


For the next few weeks, we’ll be profiling the people that power UVIRESO. This week we sat down with Adomas Klimantas, our Chief Operations Officer. In case you missed it, read our first blog post on idea to UVIRESO in 48 hours. 

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What led you to UVIRESO?


I’ve always been interested in entrepreneurship. My first business project was in primary school selling collectibles to other classmates at school. :D  Since then I’ve dabbled in other projects from being a virtual employee of foreign firms to sales management and more recently exploring my hobby of map designing with a future goal of turning it into a business. Academically I’m currently a student of economic history at the University of Oxford. Given my background in business development and my academic pursuits in economics, I instantly accepted Jonas’s offer to join the UVIRESO team. It’s the perfect opportunity to best use my skills to help my country of Lithuania, and ultimately all of humanity.


What have you learned so far working on the project?


Since our project launched online - through Lithuania’s Hack the Crisis virtual hackathon - our communications have also been online. I’m leading a team that is fully distributed so I had to learn a lot about online team management from establishing team rituals like virtual stand-ups and using project management tools like Wrike to keep everyone on track. In addition, I’ve learned basic website editing skills as we rollout updates across our virtual channels.



What are some of the challenges you face daily?


Our team is composed of technology, communication and business experts, distributed across different locations, work schedules and timezones. Managing such a team virtually is a real challenge. But so far we’ve done well!

What inspires you to keep charging forward?


A chance to help all of our frontline workers, in particular all those keeping our healthcare system running. From doctors, nurses to support staff who are on the frontlines everyday, sweating in massive and uncomfortable protective gear. I’m motivated to keep them safe and comfortable as they keep going- they inspire me everyday.

Wild card question: Which professor past or present would you love to have a virtual beer with?


That would be with Aras Zirgulis, my former professor and supervisor from undergraduate studies at ISM because of a multitude of common interests. A conversation with Aras is never a dull one.