5 questions with our UX/UI Designer Mykolas Mirzinkevičius


Another week, another UVIRESO member revealing his ideas, inspiration, passion and challenges! This week we are introducing our UX/UI designer - Mykolas MIrzinkevičius! In case you missed it, read our first blog post on idea to UVIRESO in 48 hours.


What led you to UVIRESO?

I'm a self-educated UX/UI designer and have spent the last five  years freelancing on various design projects - from startups to independent film festivals. I am motivated by new challenges and opportunities to work on a variety of projects that push me professionally and creatively. By pure accident I joined the Hack the Crisis Lithuanian public slack channel to discover what ideas were cooking through the Hack the Crisis LT hackathon.  I noticed there was a need for UX/UI designers UVIRESO being one of them. 


What have you learned so far working on the project?


Patience and persistence is key. We’re working on a multidisciplinary team on an idea that needs to go through many iterations and this takes time, a commitment to pushing forward and understanding that there will be road bumps along the way. 


What are some of the challenges you face daily?


The main challenge is continuing to develop a visual strategy for both our public brand and our prototype.  It’s a bit of a moving target and I’ve really had to be flexible and open to modifying my ideas and collaborating with team members who offer very different perspectives. 

What inspires you to keep charging forward?


This team is so motivated to do good - it’s really contagious. It keeps going… rock’n’rolling forward!  

Wild card question: If you could offer one piece of UX advice, what would it be?


Never assume that you know your product's user already and never go through design process without validating your assumptions with actual users. Test, test and test. It's the only way to find out if you are on the right track or not.